• Poverty: Through programs that serve the body, mind, and soul, we alleviate the symptoms of poverty, then work to address the root issues that cause it.
    • Shelter: Housing insecurity is often interconnected with prolonged poverty. We work to provide both short- and long-term housing assistance to families and individuals who’ve been displaced.
    • Meal Assistance: Poverty is often defined by painful choices, such as “heating vs. eating.” The decision between paying bills and feeding your family is an impossible position to be in. That’s why, each year, The Salvation Army provides over 60 million nutritious, warm meals to people in need.
    • Overcome Today: Overcome Today’s initiative provides individualized services to families with children who desire to take action to break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability that repeats generation after generation; addressing the root causes of poverty. By helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education, we can lead families down a path toward increased stability and, ultimately, self-sufficiency.

Employment Assistance: We believe in a comprehensive approach to helping families pull themselves above the poverty line. This includes equipping parents with educational resources, career coaching, and opportunities for job placement. When people are better prepared for stable and gainful employment, we can reduce the need for bill, food, and shelter assistance.